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  Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews - Best Web Hosts 2010

    We've ranked the top 10 web hosting services for 2010 based on customers feedback .
    So please use our list to find out which website hosting company is best for you


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Hosting Service Price Money
DiskSpace Bandwidth Domain Overall Rating Customer Reviews More
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$3.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_5stars.gif (316 bytes)

Best Overall

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hm.gif (4592 bytes)
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$3.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_5stars.gif (316 bytes)

Fast, Reliable

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3 justhost.gif (2316 bytes)
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$3.45 60 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_4-5stars.gif (322 bytes) Great Scripts visitsite.gif (2364 bytes)
4 ix.gif (4026 bytes)
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$3.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_4stars.gif (318 bytes)

Great Support

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$3.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_4stars.gif (318 bytes) Fast, Reliable visitsite.gif (2364 bytes)
6 webhostingpad.jpg (2404 bytes)
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$3.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_4stars.gif (318 bytes)

Easy to Use

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7 fatcow.gif (2592 bytes)
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$3.67 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_3stars.gif (304 bytes) Good Starter visitsite.gif (2364 bytes)
8 hostpapa.gif (2885 bytes)
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$4.95 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_3stars.gif (304 bytes) High Quotas visitsite.gif (2364 bytes)
9 hgat.gif (1103 bytes)
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$4.95 45 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_3stars.gif (304 bytes) Fast Host visitsite.gif (2364 bytes)
10 globt.gif (2652 bytes)
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$4.44 30 days unlimited unlimited Free    hosting_3stars.gif (304 bytes)

Nice Starter

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  Web Hosting Reviews from Customers

   "We used Host Monster to host our company website
   americanlaboratorytrading.com and they have been great. Their technical
   support is quick and they keep it up constantly. We've had numerous
   people perform jobs on the site and everyone has had exceptionally
   smooth access to the site. I would definitely recommend these guys to
   others (and have!)"
   Terry M
"FastDomain. So far, so good. A large range of services at a great price.
No idea how good their technical support is, as I have never needed to use it! Very impressive, just hope they can maintain this quality of service in the future."
   "My old hosting company delt with emails when you had an issue. That
   did not work well, their tech support always reported that the issue was
   resolved yet the problem was still there. It took 3 tickets to resolve the
   average issue. Fastdomain is not that way, the phone calls work best
   and if you have to wait, a voice tells you where you sit in the queue and
   how many calls are in front of you."
   Ray S.
"I was not surprised to see hostgator listed at position no 2 on the list. They are excellent. I've had 2 downtimes and both of those were fixed fairly rapidly. The support guys generally know their stuff as well which is a big bonus for us as most of the technical questions we throw at them have revolved around e-commerce solutions etc. Would I choose them again even though they are sligthly more pricier than the competition on dedicated servers, most definitely"
John S.

   "After some terrible experiences with other hosting companies I found
   HostGator in April of 2008 and I couldn't be happier. Setup was a breeze
   and it's been smooth sailing since then. This is what a hosting service is
   supposed to be. Highly recommended."

"My site has not been down once since I published it to the web 2 months ago. Host Monsters Customer service is excellent. I have called Technical Assistance 3 times and was connected to a live person in less than 1 minute all 3 times."
J. Till
   "I host about five small sites through Host Monster and have never had a
   problem. Technical support is always readily accessible and quick to
   solve any problems. Prices are very reasonable. I would highly
   recommend them."
   Al B.
"I have about 12 websites (all php/mysql based) with Bluehost, and never,ever had a problem. Their customer service is very friendly and responds within minutes almost, and whatever needs you have (cron, ssl, you name it), it's there.
S. O.


  How do we manage to rank only the best web hosting companies?

   Through consumer surveys, of course! Looking at consumer surveys is the best way to rank a web hosting company,
   based on their service packages. Satisfied clients mean everything to us and objective client experiences and impressions
   help us rank only the top web hosting companies. We base our rankings upon feedback from clients and take into
   consideration everything from uptime and affordability to customer and technical support. Although we rank only
   the best web hosting companies, you must read all of our reviews so that you can make an informed decision.
   Different web hosting companies have different packages at different rates and, although very professional, these
   web hosting packages must meet your needs.


  Positive feedback is very important and this is what our reviews generate

   After reading our objective reviews, thousands of people managed to find and choose the best web hosting company
   and the best web hosting package. Each day we get more and more people to make informed decisions. Due to the
   accuracy and helpfulness of our reviews, we make sure that you, the client, will be happy no matter what web hosting
   company or package you choose. If you want us to improve our reviews, leave feedback. This will help us come up with
   new and better versions and make sure that everything is 100% accurate.


  Why are website hosting reviews so important?

   You must get the best out of the web hosting provider. A solid package full of professional services and lots of extra
   features is what you need. Our reviews are here to make sure you get your money’s worth! This is why website hosting
   reviews are so important to you as a client. We don’t necessarily promote the cheapest website hosting companies or
   the cheapest packages. After reading our reviews you will surely find a company and package that is best suited to your needs.
   You need your online business to thrive and grow, so you must give it the most for your money.


  Web Hosting Articles

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  What is disk space?

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   it comes to websites. In web hosting, disk space refers
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